Autumn Flower Farm preparations – Tulips

The first, seasonal flowers sprouting in Spring will be tulips. I ordered some bulbs from a British supplier and tried to pick some unusual varieties that would stand out from the supermarket budget tulips flown in.

Being the first year, I didn’t want to over do it so calculating that each bunch would contain 15 or so tulips plus some foliage, and anticipating that not all of the bulbs would produce a tulip of good enough quality for cutting, I settled on 500 (100 each of five varieties).

The colours I have chosen are deep purples mixed with bright pinks and brilliants whites. I’ve chosen varieties that act more like roses or that have a romantic, whimsical shape to be the statement flowers of the bouquets.

Having not deer proofed the main area, I decided to plant them in a fairly shaded/wooded part of a garden. Quite close together in clusters and alongside anemones, Lily of the valley and some daffodils for good measure. I am confident that they will do well here and should be safe from squirrels and mice!

I will update the blog with some pictures once they’ve grown!

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