Bracken. Everywhere.

In August 2020, the flower farm was very much still an idea in my head! Then my parents offered an area of land to use to start to put my ideas into reality.

I was very pleased! The area of land was great… even though the Bracken was as tall as I am in places!

I set to work spending a couple of hours here and there trying to clear it with a scythe. After not much success, my uncle came to the rescue with a very tough strimmer. He cleared a nice area for me to prepare for the spring.

There was something I quite liked about the Bracken and how, in the space of a year, it grew so wildly and housed so much wildlife. We only cleared about a third of the area so there is still a good area for wildlife to continue to thrive in. The Bracken was a source of life. And as we cut it down, watched it wilt, it became our compost heap. And our inspiration our name. That Bracken is going to feed the blooms and nurture the wildlife. Bracken and Bloom.

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